Saturday, November 29, 2008

All That's Left...

We've now officially finished up recording for the 5 songs on our upcoming EP- all that's left is mixing! We'll leave it to the master of engineering- Markimus Strongus- to handle that with all the brain and brawn it takes.

In other news, one of our members was "let go" from his job due to some rather violating pictures his company happened to see on the Internet...

WHAT?! No no no- nothing like THAT at all. As you all might have seen, briefly, we had some new promos up on Myspace about a week ago. Turns out the hangar in which we were shooting was private property (even though one of us was an employee there) and we were "trespassing" (even though there were attendants still working there who said nothing against our being there). The company demanded the pictures be taken down because the customers' planes' safety would be in question, even though no customers would've been able to tell if they were their planes or not. And they fired our guy. Because- I'm just going to say it- they're utter assholes and they don't know what a mere scolding for a completely harmless misunderstanding/misinformation of rules and policies is.

Whatevs, we're over it. HCA, go suck on a &^$%ing lemon.

More to come.


Monday, November 10, 2008

We Know, Plato! on Gossip Girl TONIGHT!

Hey everyone, we just found out literally like 30 minutes ago that our song, "Satellites" is going to air on tonight's episode of Gossip Girl. So for those of you on the east coast you sadly will not be able to catch it tonight but can find it in repeats and online, however you central and West Coast people it's not too late for you. So tune in to Gossip Girl on the CW and listen up for "Satellites".

Tell all your friends to tune in as well.

EDIT: We found a video where our whole song is featured...

That is all for now.
We Know, Plato!

Here comes the music

The wait is finally coming to an end.

All last week I worked on the mix for the final song on our upcoming EP, 'Mothra', I was quite concerned and was being weighed down a bit by the daunting task I had ahead of me with mixing that song. It is a monster of a song and not just in the name alone. Fortunately, I had some long, late nights free this week to piece everything together for the mammoth song and it is now coming together nicely and looks to be the first song that will be completed for the EP. 'Love Song for a Drawing' and 'Room 328' are close behind, leaving only "Sandstorm" and "Moon & The Sun" to be finalized. So it's all shaping up rather nicely now and everything is starting to really come together.

Today, Ben came by and we finished up the final vocal tracks for all the songs with the exception of "Moon & The Sun" which we will finish up sometime next week. The goal is to have the final mixes nearing completion, or at least close, by the first of December. At the rate things are progressing now that is definitely workable. After that the rest is easy.

In other news, while Ben was over we recorded scratch vocals for one of our new demos, 'There's a Well'. We wrote that one in the spring around the same time that we wrote 'Caution Signs'. In fact, the demos had already been in the works back in the spring, but then the EP got going full force and we couldn't finish the second demo. So now I'd say in a week we will have a rough demo of 'There's a Well' posted on MySpace for you all to enjoy and to hold you over until this EP is wrapped up, which again, will be very soon!!!! So stay tuned for 'There's a Well' sometime next week!

Now I would like to take this time to thank you all so much for your patience with this EP. I know you are all very eager to hear the new songs and we are just as eager to have you hear them. It has been a learning process for all of us working on this thing and has made us all the better for it. Lots of things got in the way of progress, mainly work schedules and some major technical difficulties early on. So once again, thank you all and we are almost there!

We all feel this is going to be a great collection of songs. It's a bit of a departure from our previous sound on "In Moonlit Sound", for that was just a two man project and this is the first full band effort. The mood is darker and heavier in places on this EP, but there is still the core foundation of mine and Ben's song collaboration which still carry the WK,P! sound over from the first EP to this one. Not to sound cliche, but this is a much more mature sound and we feel you will enjoy the songs and that it will have been well worth the wait.

Anyway, thanks again for your patience and for hanging in there with us, it won't be too much longer.
We Know, Plato!