Thursday, January 15, 2009

Psst! New Things!

Oh, hello.
Good to hear from you.
Oh, us? Well, it's good to be heard from, as well.
I had some free-er time than my usual free time, so I figured (mathematically) that I should go ahead and pick this old dust-magnet back up and give it some new shine.

Life hasn't been too hard for us- I mean, come on- Christmas came and went, and everything's (is that contraction wrong? they're giving me a red squiggly) always fine and delish when it's the Kris/Christmish. We all received some new threads and new bands with whom's music to inspire ourselves, in order to better rock out as WK,P!. Yes! That means you will be seeing Mark in the tightest-jeans-you've-ever-seen, Dan in black leather, Tawd in Heeleys, and me in RocaWear.

Thankfully, and true to my nature- only one of those is true, and you'll just have to come to shows to figure out which.

We actually performed on the air, back onnn December...11th? 12th? The band and three girls (oh hoh hoh! I'll explain.) ventured to Charlottesville, where we performed a live set of "Caution Signs" (Yes! that one you hear all the time on our Myspace), "Room 328", and a newer one called "Blue June". We were also prompted with some questions and really the whole thing went rather swell. The odd thing was the band's physical arrangement, as Mark, Tawd, and I got to share a room, and Dan was isolated in the adjoining one, separated by a clear, sliding-glass door; so he and I faced each other (one of Dan's wet dreams for a performance gimmick) and had to play off the other's visual cues, basically, to keep the songs on track. Immensely interesting, and very memorable.

The three girls I mentioned were Tawd's girl Cat, Dan's girl Cecil (yes, that's See-sill; cool- huh?), and our latest, phenomenal photographer, Lin. They were a tremendous help and added quite a bit to the atmosphere of that night, so thank you all, if you get around to reading this. For everyone else, you can catch the photos from that night right here.

Beyond that, we played a walloping show for a walloping amount of people at - our favourite - The Camel and then proceeded on to take about a month's hiatus for that thing I spoke of earlier in the post.

Upon our return, we found it within our power- thanks to our former bassist, Steve- to get into an analog studio and do some recording for our new songs "Blue June", "Mountains", and "There's a Well". What's the difference between analog and digital recording, physically? Think cameras/camcorders- with analog cameras, you have that certain roll of film that makes the shot infinitely more precious, because you have to get it right; whereas with digital cameras, you can shoot away, see what you shot, and delete whatever doesn't work. Well, analog recording isn't that extreme, but it's still more precious- as far as getting the sound, tempo, and just overall take right. Fortunately, Steve's brother-in-law Wes' studio has fantastic acoustics, and our growth as musicians added with that to be able to say these upcoming demos are certainly something to which you should look forward.

Phew- this is a lot. I'll wrap by saying we're back in the practicing realm, as well- getting ready for our slew of upcoming shows; one of which is with Hotel Lights.

Remember that little ol' band called Ben Folds Five? The one that gave me and Dan almost the entirety of our reasons to start out our rock musicianship in the first place? Well, Dan's initial influence, Darren Jessee - the drummer for Ben Folds Five - has had his own band for a fair amount of years, and Hotel Lights is that band.

We've also got new songs that will be debuting at our show on the 29th at Plaza Bowl, so come to that. If you have to pick a show, though, wait and come to the Hotel Lights one on February 12th.

And thus, I end.