Sunday, October 12, 2008

Java Jive

Where oh where do i start? How about from the very beginning of it all?!

About a month ago, Todd had the idea to play Java Jive -(Java Jive is a 'benefit' concert for the music department at Atlee High School). It's mostly comprised of a bunch of bands that go to Atlee, but they have had bands like The Never and SNMNMNM play too. So I told Todd to work it all out and make some calls.

A few days later and a bunch of phone calls to Melissa Sunderland, the strings teacher/Java Jive leader/and violin player for Moruza who we have played some shows with in the past, we were in!

Since she was the strings teacher, we thought that we would get some of her students to sit in on a song during our set. After a few more calls, it was a-go! The following Monday, Todd, Ben, and I went in and started to teach the class 'Hollow Bird'. Or rather, Ben taught and we just rocked out. We then went back once more to work with the 'chosen ones' and run through it a few times. Mark was there this time.

Then came Friday, the day of the show. We (Ben, Todd, TK *known as 'Roadmaster K' to most*, and I) arrived at Mark's place to load up the PA System, the Keyano, drums, amps, and tons of cords. On second thought- Todd, TK, and I all arrived early and loaded it all up so that Ben didn't have anything to do when he came. Because he's that awesome. Soon after, we left for the school and arrived a little early (about 4 o' clock), so we ended up not having much to do til about 6:15. While Roadmaster K and I started to set up all of our gear on the left stage (there were two, so one band could set up while the other was performing- anyone remember Roanoke College?), Mark, Ben, and Todd went to get foods and beverages. Once they got back, we sound checked while all the helpers and other bands watched (and ever-so politely played their own stuff in the background). After a short excerpt from 'Love Song', everyone cheered and clapped. It was just a sound check and we got applause! Pretty sweet.

Once the acts started at 7, we were all sitting at our merch table with all of the shirts Todd and I made and all of our cds. All these new people came over and chatted, bought shirts and cds, got us to sign everything from pieces of paper to cds to shirts to shoes. I signed 3 shoes!

Once the band before us ended, the whole crowd shifted over to our side. They surrounded us and stood about two feet away.

Our set was..
'I Hope You Like Ice Cream" (which is a working title. I'm not sure what Ben has named/will name it)...'Blue June'
'Hollow Bird' w/strings
'Caution Signs'
'Love Song for a Drawing'
'Moon and The Sun'

The crowd was into us almost immediately. The two things that stuck out the most for me were: My stick flying out of my hand and hitting a girl standing in front of me. She was OK and she got to keep the stick, which made her happy. She actually hung out with us until the very end of the night. Oh fourteen year-olds.

The second was the end of Moon and The Sun. I had no plans on how to end it, I just went with whatever I wanted to on the spot. I ended up knocking over my snare and hi-hat while turning to the right and knocking over the floor tom. I then grabbed the ride cymbal stand and picked it up and played it while pounding on the bass with my left foot. I then thought it would be a good idea to get on top of the bass drum while holding and crashing on the ride. So I did. The crowd went nuts. As the end approached, I jumped off and threw my ride down. it broke the stand.Then someone's HEAD exploded.

It was over. I didn't want it to be, and I don't think the crowd did either.

I'm pretty sure I can say that is was the best performance and the best drumming that I have ever done. It was definitely the most fun and exciting show too.

I'd also like to thank my band-mates for everything that they did. They helped make it awesome too!

We still have some shirts available too. I'm not sure which designs since they are at Mark's place, but here are some examples and if you want one, contact us and we'll send you pics of what all is available.

Also, don't forget about the FREE ALL AGES show Friday night Oct. 17th at Highwater Restaurant with At The Stars. We go on at 9pm!

over and out!
We Know, Plato!
with additions by Benvolio

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SNMNMNM said...

Java Jive is an amazing time. I wish i had something that cool when i was in High School. It also ranks as one of our best and most memorable shows.