Saturday, November 29, 2008

All That's Left...

We've now officially finished up recording for the 5 songs on our upcoming EP- all that's left is mixing! We'll leave it to the master of engineering- Markimus Strongus- to handle that with all the brain and brawn it takes.

In other news, one of our members was "let go" from his job due to some rather violating pictures his company happened to see on the Internet...

WHAT?! No no no- nothing like THAT at all. As you all might have seen, briefly, we had some new promos up on Myspace about a week ago. Turns out the hangar in which we were shooting was private property (even though one of us was an employee there) and we were "trespassing" (even though there were attendants still working there who said nothing against our being there). The company demanded the pictures be taken down because the customers' planes' safety would be in question, even though no customers would've been able to tell if they were their planes or not. And they fired our guy. Because- I'm just going to say it- they're utter assholes and they don't know what a mere scolding for a completely harmless misunderstanding/misinformation of rules and policies is.

Whatevs, we're over it. HCA, go suck on a &^$%ing lemon.

More to come.


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Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Hell yea to both parts.