Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Featured on OurStage's Daily Blog

I was just informed today that randomly and out of the blue, We Know, Plato! are featured in the daily blog on

And even more to my surprise they are featuring "Hollow Bird". Out of all the songs they chose to feature they picked what seems to be our least popular song, at least by fans. However, myself, Todd and Ben are all fans of this song. It's an enigma.

But yeah head over to check out the blog and be sure to sign up with the site so you can vote for us in future competitions as well as discover great new bands and win awesome prizes for yourself. It's an amazing site and lots of fun. Check it out if you have yet to do so,

That is all for now and thanks for voting for those of you that did.
& We Know, Plato!

1 comment:

Josh said...

Haha hey guys. I'm Josh the writer who featured Hollowbirds. If this is your fans least favorite song then they are crazy. I really dig it because its different than your other stuff, the vocal melody and the harmonies created between it and the piano are outstanding, and the lyricism is far superior to so much uninspired wordplay that crosses my ears these days. Also I really like piano...