Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Great Race

Welllll we did it. Depending on what "it" is, we definitely did it.

Wow- for a few minutes, I was utterly mesmerized by multiple refractions of light creating a ghostly image upon a small portion of my glasses' lens. Now I'm back.

"It", in this case, is actually synonymous for "strategically putting fliers up". For our Canal Club show. Todd and I sieged every other hot spot in Carytown and Downtown Richmond, including: Plan 9, Galaxy Diner, The Village Cafe, and the front door of Bottom's Up. We didn't really race to put them up, but- having just gotten the fliers done- we do have little time before the show to promote. So, if you're heading out into the city, look for our super swell flier, designed by Todd Baker himself. We'll have some more of these WK,P! fan-specific fliers available for free at the show- just to prove you were there at the roots of our tree of fame.;)

This is the 2nd to final draft. Final one will be at the show.

Meanwhile, we also signed on for two more shows- that birthday bash on the 9th of August that I told you about, and one on the 23rd of August- in which Mark and I, as a duo, will be playing an acoustic set that involves partially WK,P! songs, and partially some alternate songs/stylings that will be part of a side-project we're going to be dually rolling on soon, bringing in the aid of our good friend/musician Andy Brockmann. The show will be shared with the likes of our great friend Brett Harris, this time with his FULL BAND (WOO!) and HIS good friend Dylan Gilbert, both of whom hail from that brilliant (and I DO mean it) "Keep Right Except to Pass" state of North Carolina. Honestly, God knows how hard a problem we have with it up in here, up in here.

Howdy. Get excited.

July 30th. Canal Club. 7pm.


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