Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Three Song Show In A "Foreign Country"

So- tonight was the big night. It was the night We Know, Plato! came out from hiding, which we have been doing now for 3 months- give or take. It was Todd Baker's first WK,P! show as our new bassist, and it was a first for all of us in that we played a venue that primarily caters to punk and hardcore. So, we did our best to rock up our set as much as we possibly could.

The night started out swell with a nice dinner combining Qdoba (what the hell does Qdoba even mean? Rock on Chipotlé) and Jersey Mike's. We then proceeded back to the venue to find out what was going on with the PA system. Five bands and not one PA in sight. I then realized that the club doesn't accept credit cards (just aaadds to the slum), so we all walked down to the corner ATM to get some cash for beer. On the way we (or Dan, rather) made several failed attempts to get one of our CDs up to the second story of an apartment building to some college kids who I am sure just destroyed the CD anyway, but who knows. We finally succeeded at that task (after horribly scratching up the CD to almost certain unplayability), and moved on to the ATM for beer money.

Upon returning to the club, we were still faced with the PA issue and wondered how we were going to be able to put on a show- for a punk crowd- with no PA for keyboards and vocals. Finally, the last band through the door had the the PA system we'd all longed for. So we quickly hooked it up and set up for the show. However, in waiting for the PA and setting everything up we only had time for three songs before we would start to cut into the next band's time slot. Jawesome.

So yes, we ended up playing only 3 of our most rocking songs to a largely punk crowd, Mothra, Love Song for a Drawing and Moon & The Sun.

We think they enjoyed us- or at least the people closest to us, as we were basically on top of them and couldn't really tell what was going on behind the crowd. The place is super small, and we were piled upon one another.


After the show, we packed up, said our weak farewells to Ramakins, and headed out to Friendly's for some ice cream and shakes; mmmmm.

All in all, it was a good night; full of fun, jokes, punk rockers (with bull rings, bullet belts, and studded leather jackets), and an extremely short set. And a great show for us, considering all the obstacles we faced.

For all of you who didn't make this show (and that is most of you reading this), PLEASE don't miss our big show at The Canal Club on the 30th!!!

See you all there!
& Benvolio

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