Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hardcore Bands Love Us

After almost a year of being a full, five-piece band, I think it would be safe to say we've concluded a couple of interesting facts: that Hardcore Bands love us, and thus that Life- that little space of existence we deemed to be finite is- in fact- chocked full of infinite possibilities. My guesses as to why these yelling/moaning/whining bands think we're Grade A material?:

  • Their too-loud-for-old-age-comfort tendencies have skipped their ears' lifespans by about 30 years, and they just can't hear us well enough to realize We Know, Plato! is anywhere but on the same musical wavelength।

  • Two words:
    Daniel Medley.
    Our spunky, often precocious drummer seems to have been born with an affinity for beating things within an inch of their personified life. Whether it be scores in video games, ideas into people's minds, or- err- oh, that's right- the drums, DanDan took the initially meek and innocent sound of WK,P! and replaced the rarely maximized 10-volume notch with that currently crucial, extra "push over the cliff"- the 11-volume notch.
  • Mark is currently the leading salesperson in his department at Guitar Center (on W. Broad St, Richmond- stop by and slip 'im a HELLO! or a Mr. Lincoln) and, with all of that power and responsibility on his hands, he still finds time to chat it up with local musicians who come in to out-drool Mark over the store's torturous collection of equally both amazing and expensive equipment. One of the musicians who has been coming in recently is the frontman for the local Rock/Grunge bandBocks Car, Josh Earley. Mr. Earley has been proposing that we come play a show with them and a few other, progressively harder-cored bands for his friend's birthday bash.

    What's humorous to us, besides the fact that Bocks Car sounds nothing like us, is that we were actually put in a set with them last February at The Canal Club, but left before it was our turn to play. Yes- we left. It's a long story, but the facts of the matter were this: only two bands- one of which was Bocks Car- were scheduled to go on before we were scheduled at 11. However, due to vast technical difficulties/analities with the sound system, the first band didn't start till about 11:30. It was also then, in the midst of all the frustration, that my minor headache and sore throat began to worsen- but still we waited. We grew dead tired, but we figured,"Hey, we're here- we got our people to come all the way out and pay $5, we loaded the keyano and everything- we had might as well just wait and play, even if it's horrible and ends up just being a 'whatever let's have fun' show". Well, it was in the middle of the 2nd band that my conditions had turned into a pretty big fever, and there was absolutely no way that I was sticking around til 2 am to play for 5 people when we would all be at the absolute bottom of our game. So I said,"We're out." and we packed up and headed out. The other funny thing was that weeks later, after thinking the Canal Club had burned us in effigy, we contrarily received word that they were immensely apologetic about the whole thing. Jumpin' Jonny-Cakes.

    Well, we're not sure whether or not this Birthday Bash is going to pan out, but it's nice to know that our music extends beyond its social niche- a definition We Know, Plato! will always seek to fulfill.

    See you all on the 30th at 7 pm, when we make our return to The Canal Club to play with Mercy Mercedes, Stella by Starlight, and A Suffocating Signal.

    This is Benvolio Willson-
    thanks for stopping by.

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    dude. the font. it's crazy small. hurts my eyes.

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