Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ladies and gentleman, WE HAVE DRUMS!

Yes folks it's finally happened, we have successfully tracked all the drums for all five songs for the upcoming EP. It has been a long , tiresome, drawn-out process and much more time was spent on the drums than we should've spent, but alas we finally have the final drums for all the songs and it sounds pretty great!

Daniel and I finished up the final two songs on Monday and Tuesday. Monday we tracked drums for 'Mothra' which was a pretty difficult thing since there is a section, the bridge, that speeds up faster than the rest of the song and then going back into the last verse it slows back down to the regular tempo so you can imagine that taking a bit of time and skill to nail it or get even close. However, we were successful and we are feeling good about it.

Tuesday, we started fresh on the last song, 'Moon & the Sun'. That one was pretty easy so there was not much to say about that, only that it differs from our current live version a bit and we were going to try to record the live version after we got the EP version but time ran out and so we just called it a wrap and celebrated by leaving the studio and knowing we won't have to agonize over the drums for this EP ever again. Now we can move on and we have learned from our mistakes.

So given that we now move forward with the Ep finally. Sorry for the delay everyone. But you will have your EP or at least be close to having your new WK,P! EP by this fall. Next we will be recording guitar, bass and piano and lastly vocals. Then we go into the mixing stage and then off to be mastered and printed. WOOOOO!!!

In other news we have two shows coming up this month. The first being August 9th with Bock's Car and a few other harder rocking acts. We seem to always get shows with bands that are nowhere near our style of music but it's still good fun t o be had by all so come on out for that. It will be a rocking show at Rocks on Main St. in Shockoe Bottom.

Then Ben and I will be doing a stripped-down acoustic type show of pretty much all new material. We may play a WK,P! favorite or two but for the most part it will be stripped down versions of all new songs most of which are still currently unfinished as we speak. haha Therefore, it's not hard to do stripped-down versions of these songs. So come on out for that, it will be a great show with our good pal Brett Harris and this time he has a full band.

Oh yeah, and you will want to be a part of this show because you may never again hear these songs in this style, as we might change out a chorus or totally change a section of the song when we later record it. This is your chance to hear these new songs in a very raw light.

Thanks for stopping by and reading these ramblings.

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