Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great God

All the "Turn On the Outside Lights EP" banners and such and such you see on our Myspace page? Wellll just so happens they're not accurate whatsoever. Haven't been for quite some time.

Indeed, we had planned to be releasing the new EP by May; no wait- July; no wait, end of August; end of September? Nope. Right now it's looking to be end of October. Maybe a good ol', haunted EP release show. Now that'd be swell. But who knows- maybe it'll be Santa Claus who gets the final say on which nice boys and girls finally get their hands on the EP.

If anyone was still wondering, the show we had last Saturday, in Richmond, for the side project Mark and I now have (Carlyle Petes' Chessmen of Doom) was amazing. Mostly thanks to all the wonderful people, whom we never expected to show up, showing up. Of course, there are two types of people we would've never expected to show up; there's: (I'm a BIG fan of lists- can you tell?)

  • 1. The type that say they're friends/fans and either maybe going to, going to try to, or even flat out GOING to come, but then...don't.

  • 2. The type that would have a more legitimate reason not to come- usually in the form of being a little too far away. THIS was the group that really shined that night, and gave me more faith in the diminishment of the roll that Time and Distance play on Friendship/Fanship/Givingaship.

    We had people come out all the way from both ends of Virginia. My friend Kelly came all the way from Roanoke, my sister and brother-in-law from Charlottesville, and my old friends came out from all the way over on the Eastern Shore of Virginia (across the bay, East from Va Beach). Kelly's a true devotée- you'll see her up as the lovely Kellbells on our Top Friends (friend her- she's amazing); she almost always finds a way to make it out to our main shows. My sister and brother-in-law have been out to see us a couple of times; but the Eastern Shore folks presence really hit me hard. Gave me pomp like I'd never had. Mark and I clambered onto that stage and the gears never stopped turning. It was magnificent.

    (Stepping off the screen for a second, I'd like to note that - I don't know if you caught it, but- I started this entry in a particularly sarcastic and defeating mood- but talking about this show has cheered me up a bit. Thank goodness. Let's try and carry on in the light of that.)

    Anyway, that new project of ours now has a Myspace, so PLEASE check us out HERE and friend us if you haven't done so already. And I'd just like to thank Lucas F., Ben A., Ben F., Christen G., Andrew F., Tatum S., Colin M., James M., and that Austin guy that was pretty damn nice and cool.

    To wrap up, I WILL deliver some delightful Plato! news, and that is that: we HAVE finished up a final design to be made into our very first batch of t-shirts, which will be first available at our October 7th show at The Camel, with our good friend, the ever-so-soulful-and-honest Alex Enggist, and the excellent band Run, Run, Run. So please please please try to make it out, so that you can be one of the very very first to get your hands on We Know, Plato!'s, first ever T-SHIRT.

    Have a wonderful night, and DON'T be like me: make friends, don't lose them; listen to music; and get a worthwhile job.

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