Tuesday, August 19, 2008

7 maybe 8 in 5

You may or may not know by now but Ben and I are doing a little side project, currently dubbed Carlyle Petes' Chessmen of Doom, in order to do something a little less We Know, Plato! like, but then again so are Daniel and Todd. So maybe one day we will be able to book a whole show with nothing but WK,P! related acts.

Anyway, while Daniel and Todd choose to keep their project tightly under wraps, Ben and I are trying finish up writing, arranging and learning 7 or 8 brand new songs at a frantic pace so that we can unveil them in some fashion or another at our "acoustic" non-acoustic show this coming Saturday at The Camel.

It has been a bit crazy to say the least, but it is very much the same way We Know, Plato! started when Ben and I played our first show up in Harrisonburg about 2 years ago. At least this time we have lyrics to all the songs.

But yes, it has been a pretty hectic pace trying to fit in practices whenever we can. So far we have managed to get some sort of arrangement and structure to about 7 songs. Of course, I am sure as we progress and record the songs, things will change but for now we have a running start which I hope will be mildly entertaining at the show on Saturday.

I feel I can speak for Ben as well as myself when I say we are quite excited about the idea of the new songs or rather the seedlings of new songs we have brewing. And no need to fear, even though we have our project and Daniel and Todd have theirs, it doesn't mean the end for WK,P! we are still hard at work on this EP. This is just an outlet for both factions of WK,P! to get a bit more creative and go in different directions in order free up creativity for both the side projects and ultimately We Know, Plato!

So now you will not only have one band creating great music but you will now have three.

We Know, Plato!

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